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Erotic stories by our friends and visitors

Answers by Mistress Northern Beauty
A transgression and punishment, from different viewpoints

Be a Good Girl by darqangel
A tale of public discipline and humiliation

The Black Box by Bella-Marie Devlin aka PureDevl
Excerpt from the CD book Black Velvet Gloves

Domina Weekend by Wolfkri
A multi-parter about a couple playing Mistress and sub for the weekend
  Part 1  anticipation in the office
Part 2  preparations get underway
Part 3  she takes control
Part 4  the toy bag comes out and things heat up
Part 5  she introduces him to some new experiences
Part 6  she uses his body and sends his mind reeling
Part 7  they go about their day with a shared secret
Part 8  she surprises him with a strapon
Part 9  she subjects him to more than he ever imagined

A Familiar Ring by Laura Antoniou
Excerpt from a bonus short story in the second volume of The Marketplace series

First Meeting by Ms D
Two females meet face to face after chatting online

Hearth & Home by Sir Harley
Master returns home from work to greet his sub

A Midsummer Night's Treat by kitten
Her master helps her study

Mind Games by Daphne
A rebellious sub learns a lesson the hard way

Mountain Hideaway by Anonymous
A submissive spends a weekend with her master in this multi-parter
  Part 1  she discovers others are also there
Part 2  dinner is served
Part 3  she becomes part of the after-dinner entertainment
Part 4  breakfast in the garden
Part 5  they take a drive, and watch tv
Part 6  the toy box comes out
Part 7  they visit the local street market
Part 8  the weekend comes to an end

A Night at the Bar by sallultie
A girl and her master engage in foreplay

A Pony Tale by PonyGirlUK
The classic sizzler about a young lady's introduction to pony play. Sadly, PonyGirlUK's site has gone offline so we've preserved her tail.. er.. tale here
  Part 1  Peter takes Lucinda to the Pony Club
Part 2  Lucinda is introduced to the pony world and browses the merchandise
Part 3  the show begins: the ponies and their gear are described
Part 4  the other ponies are introduced and the demonstrations begin
Part 5  the crowd gets involved and Lucinda makes a decision
Part 6  they meet and inspect the ponies at intermission
Part 7  Lucinda is propositioned, and makes a dramatic entrance
Part 8  the finale mesmerizes the audience, including Lucinda

Power Play by darqangel
A defiant sub testing the boundaries

Red Ritual by Lord Wraith's lil kitten
A romantic fantasy of bloodplay and vampirism

The Reunion by Laura Antoniou
Excerpt from the fifth volume of The Marketplace series

School Master by Desiree M. Hossack
Final exams for a class of eager students

Slavery by Anonymous
An abduction into sensory deprivation

Tantalize Me by darqangel
A shy sub's first time with a Dom

The Trainer by Laura Antoniou
Excerpt from the third volume of The Marketplace series

A Walk in the Woods by sallultie
A slave enjoying a sunny day finds herself in trouble

Your Present by Sir Harley
A rape fantasy tale

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