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Attention thieves!
It is not only illegal but highly unethical and downright sleazy to steal research, graphics, content, code and wording from this or any other website. It's recently come to my attention that sites such as English Palace and others have lifted huge quantities of my work from this site, without permission or credit, and in the case of English Palace in particular, to collect commissions from affiliate sales based on my hours of research. If you'd like to republish anything from this (or any other) website, please ask permission first! Many thanks to those of you who have done so in the past; and to the thieves of the web... get some morals.

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Wizdomme Pages 90x90   5k   link to:  http://www.wizdomme.com

Wizdomme Pages

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Wizdomme Pages

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Wizdomme Pages

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Wizdomme Pages

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Wizdomme Pages BDSM Bookshelf

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http://www.wizdomme.com   or   http://www.wizdomme.com/books

Wizdomme Pages BDSM Info

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http://www.wizdomme.com   or   http://www.wizdomme.com/infopack

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Sex Toy Warehouse
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Fetish Cash
Fetish Cash - affiliate program | sample site: Bondage Planet

Adult Revenue Service - affiliate program | sample site: Dark Obsessions

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